Short-Term Rental Hosts Must Adapt Now to SURVIVE
Introducing the…
Coronavirus Survival Kit 
For Short-Term Rental Hosts
Learn how your business can survive and THRIVE through the crisis
  • Survive through the crisis.
  • Maintain occupancy.
  • Stay in business.

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What You Need to Know to Stay In Business

The world has changed in front of our eyes. 
The travel and short-term rental industry have collapsed. 

...Have you adjusted? Do you have a plan? 
Let’s get your hosting business back on track. 

This Survival Kit Teaches You...

  • How to manage and prevent booking cancellations
  • ​How to adjust your marketing strategy to attract new guests
  • ​How to choose the right plan for your business to survive
  • ​How to prepare your business for new opportunities that arise
  • ​How to find people who need a place to stay

Resources Included

👉 ​Coronavirus Survival Kit PDF
👉 ​Coronavirus/COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist
​👉 Printable anti-coronavirus approved cleaning checklist
👉 Coronavirus listing headline/ descriptions to convert guests
👉 Swipe email copy to prevent cancellations
👉 Swipe email copy for contacting travel nurse temp agencies
👉 List of FB Groups to find stranded travelers and expats
👉 Printable anti-coronavirus approved cleaning checklist
​👉 List of CDC-approved cleaning products
​👉 Communication guidelines during an outbreak
​👉 List of Facebook Groups to join where stranded people are looking for accommodation

Did you know the average host is experiencing 50-80% cancellations due to the coronavirus?

“This kit is designed to give you some guidance; a shining light through these dark times.

It’s packed with content, resources, and guides specifically built to help you book more guests, stay in business and thrive through this crisis.” 

- Eric Moeller

Get the Short-Term Rental Coronavirus Survival Kit for $7

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